Services Maintenance in HGT was a main service, in this service we monitor all the unit in agreement and have resolution time to solve the problem.

Below is a few Services in maintenance Process :

  • Helpdesk Support.
  • Backup unit and Backup Part
  • Engineer Onsite from our service point
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Claim Guarantee
  • Site Audit
  • Physical Survey

In maintenance services, we are support By our 31 Service Point Across indonesia and with the support of service point. So we can give the maximum services in Jakarta or other cities in indonesia.

Another Services

  • Reporting

    Reporting Services in HGT was a Services to support all the activity, and this activity will support our deployment Process or Maintenance Process, and…

  • Delivery

    The Delivery Services was one of the services in HGT, with this services after the unit done for staging, and unit will Prepared to send to our user,…

  • Staging

    Staging services is the service to make sure every units in a good condition before we deliver to our customer, and in staging services we are doing some…

  • Deployment

    Deployment services was one of our service, when the units come to user location, engineer will setting for unit and do a few activity like : Unpacking…