Deployment services was one of our service, when the units come to user location, engineer will setting for unit and do a few activity like :

  • Unpacking
  • Instalation
  • Data Migration
  • Simple Training

The instalation Process in deployment process, engineer will do a few activity like :

  • Setting Network
  • Plug In Network
  • Killing Disk

Another Services

  • Staging

    Staging services is the service to make sure every units in a good condition before we deliver to our customer, and in staging services we are doing some…

  • Reporting

    Reporting Services in HGT was a Services to support all the activity, and this activity will support our deployment Process or Maintenance Process, and…

  • Maintenance

    Services Maintenance in HGT was a main service, in this service we monitor all the unit in agreement and have resolution time to solve the problem. Below…

  • Delivery

    The Delivery Services was one of the services in HGT, with this services after the unit done for staging, and unit will Prepared to send to our user,…