Company Overview

Company Overview

PT HGT Services Indonesia was established on 11 November 2011. And we are the part of Harrisma Group whis is has many experience in IT Field and technology for about more than 25 years.

PT HGT Services Indonesia was a independent company, and our focus is about IT services and we have 31 Service Point(Building + Engineer) accross Indonesia and our support for 300 Cities in accross Indonesia.

PT HGT Services Indonesia Has a Partnership and colaboration with many principal, local company and Multi National Company.

Below Is Our Services :

  1. Staging (To Prepare the units)
  2. Delivery (To Deliver the Units)
  3. Deployment (To Setting The units)
  4. Maintenance with/Without SLA(To Maintain the Units)
  5. Reporting (To Evaluate The Services)

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